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Go Commando

'Go Commando', the third album from Soft Toy Heroes really shows the boys growing up, albeit kicking and screaming all the way.
Just over a year in the making, it's a carefully crafted work of quite majestic proportions. Produced entirely 'in-house' by guitarist Rob,
it really is testament to his soaring abilities as both a sound engineer and producer that this album is of such a high professional standard.

There is a real maturity in both the songwriting and playing here too. On the stand-out tracks of 'Just when I needed you least', 'Summer in my soul' and 'Love and science' (Paul's favorite - inspired by the much loved former member Dan Gorman)  there are some very honest insights into the trials and tribulations of growing from adolescence to adulthood.

Paul states that 'Love and science' is the best work of his life and they've clearly each put all their heart and soul into this album. Rupert's vocals are fuller, more controlled and confident than ever before and combined with the obvious competence of Paul, Rob and beat-master Loxy, this is without doubt the Soft Toy Heroes' best work to date. There is of course still that punky charm in spades too with tracks such as '1000 sexy girls', 'Chick scene', Rupert's own favourite 'Mummy's boy' and a cheeky 'celebration' of chart music with 'Cheesy love songs' that includes stolen samples from Oasis, Whitney Houston and Robbie Williams.

"Go Commado' was launched at a 'bath night party' at The Spinning Wheel, Paignton, Devon on Sunday 18th October. The album and individual tracks are available for download on this site, and if you are still a fan of physical media the CD is also available to buy here or at any of the much anticipated upcoming gigs.